Sunday, October 09, 2005

PAFC Newsletter, 10/09/05

Everybody LAF! We just got to spend Friday morning at the studio for Mix 100’s Live Audience Friday on the Dom and Jane show. What a BLAST! Dom and Jane (as well as Greg Moody and Spike) are a riot! We had great food, won some prizes, and they even let me plug my performance coming up on Monday! Big Foot was very pleased! Jane left early and let Katy take over the mike! Y’all really should listen to them – they are damn funny and never get crude!

Where is Frank Zappa when you need him? Oh yeah - he’s dead! As much as Zappa fought against censorship in music, there is a void now for video games. Who will step up and face the Antichrist, er, Hillary Clinton?

Esquire Magazine named Jessica Biel as the sexiest woman. I wish I could argue, but she’s pretty hot! She almost made Summer Catch worth watching! OK, no she didn’t. But just putting her on screen heats things up! That might come in handy this weekend as we may even see SNOW by Monday. I’m so glad we moved and no longer have to deal with a house that has a driveway and front walk with a northern exposure!

Boy George gets busted! The, uh, thing called police to report a burglary at his home, and the cops found a little cocaine. So, oficially, he was arrested on SUSPICION of drug charges. Anyone who walks around with a painted head has GOT to be on something. Of off to a soccer match.

Officer Oprah strikes! The richest woman in the freakin' world started posting pictures of sex offenders during her show. Amazingly, it lead to the arrest of William C. Davis, 33, of Wadesville, Ind. Then she gave him a car.

Good God NO! They are reproducing! Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise announced they are pregnant. Well, she is at least. They would appreciate y'all respecting their privacy, because, ya know, they've been pretty quiet about their whole relationship as it is. Whatever. She's, like, 4 days late and they go right to the press. Guh. Oh, and she'll deliver the child according to Scientology guidelines. This means no drugs, no crying, no screaming. Right! Because I heard that birthing a child naturally is a breeze! No pain, no sweat! I totally want to be in the delivery room. This alone proves that Scientologists are frucking nuts!

Short one for now - my computer is a little messed up!

So, come see me Monday! More later!


Bill Purdy said...

Ya know, Esquire's been "revealing" the Sexiest Woman Alive for the past four months, and I gotta tell ya: I'm a bit disappointed. Like, um, who the heck is Jessica Biel? Seriously! I've never heard of her.

I'll take Gong Li any day. She's closer to my age, so we'd have a lot more to talk about for sure (that is, if she spoke English, which I think she doesn't).

Oh, one more thing: guess who's sitting all by his lonesome at the top of Pat's Pick 'Em this week? Just call me "THE PROGNOSTICATOR."

Pat Angello said...

Evangeline Lily anyone?

It's about time you got to the top - I'm sick of the whining!

Collin said...

Don't forget Jack Thompson. He's just as bad as Hillary and he's been at it longer. As far as I know though he's not a wife of a Democrat. At least not yet.
It's snowing here. I had three inches on my car this morning. Is it snowing there?
Any news on who the father of Katie's baby is?

Collin said...

I just read through Zappa's testimony. The end result, as I see it, and looking at what has happened with the labeling of CDs for content, is that he didn't sway them at all. He said his peace, but the ratings still went into effect. What I don't know is if it was voluntary within the industry or mandated by the government. I do agree with Zappa about not needing other people to tell me what is good and what is bad for my kids.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!