Monday, October 03, 2005

Fantasy Hockey - JOIN NOW!

Last chance! You MUST sign up by 10/4/05 to participate!

I've created a Fantasy Hockey League on We'll be playing the "Superstar Pick-Up Hockey" game and it's really easy. However, registering may be a bit confusing. Here's my best guess on how you go about it:

1) Go here:

2) Register

3) Login

4) Scroll down to "Superstar Pick-Up Hockey" and click on "Play Now"

5) Click blue "Register Online" box

6) Click the "Join a Private League" and then click "Submit" button

7) Make up a "Team Name"

8) League Number is "516"

9) Password is "patangello"

10) Submit

OK, now you are ready to pick your players! You can select 4 wingers, 2 centers, 3 defencemen, and 3 goaltenders. All are available via a drop-down menu. Yes, you may have the same players as others, but playing the right combo each week is the tough part. You can change your players once a week.

The registration is kind of a pain, but the site does a good job of telling you how to play.

Oh, and here's what the winner gets:

1) A customized PAFC T-shirt.
2) A collection of Pat Angello's mixed CD's including Spoo 1, Spoo 2, Spoo 3, Devo's Best, Radiohead's Best, Megadeth's Best, Weird Al's Best, and Make the Girls SCREAM!
3) A rockin' Pat Angello Fan Club Member sticker.

I will try to post updates each Monday, just like the PAFC Football Pick 'Em.


Hope to see you there!


Derek Knight said...


Pat Angello said...


Bill Purdy said...

I'm in, but I remember how little I enjoyed it last year. It's just too difficult to stay on top of NHL games and matchups nearly every night of the year.

Unlike picking winners in football games, which I am apparently very good at...

Pat Angello said...

Purdy - WAH! There is no whining in the PAFC Hockey League, especially before it even starts.


Bill Purdy said...

Oh and did I mention how annoyed I was that retired players and players with season-ending injuries are listed for several weeks in a row? Look out for that, fellow Fantasy Hockey players.

Or, don't. I'll still beat you.

cute blonde boy said...

I have less hope of doing as well in this one as the NFL picks (and I'm Canadian!), but I'm okay with that. To me, it's a crap-shoot, without the need for a pass-line bet.

Hockey pools have always seemed a bit tricky to me. But back in the early '90s, I ran a "Goon Pool" at work. The trick was to pick 10 players you thought would get the most penalty minutes in the season. Of course, scoring was frowned upon and deducted from their totals. That was fun. Although even then the goon was becoming an extinct commodity. Nowadays, they're practically non-existent...

Pat Angello said...

Goon pool sounds great!

BTW, we have 8 teams - SWEET!!!!

Must be the PAFC t-shirt that EVERYONE wants to win!

opiatedsherpa said...

Watch out for the Sherpa's Yaks...

Pat Angello said...

The Shepr claims to be the end-all of Fantasy Hockey. So, if you're beating him, LET HIM KNOW!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!