Thursday, September 29, 2005



We went to the last home pre-season game for the Avs tonight and had a blast. Sure we lost in a shoot-out, but it was still fun. GOD I missed hockey!

I have 3 points:

1) Alex Tanguay had at least 3 penalties - does he think he's Forsberg now?

2) Anyone who doesn't like Brad May on this team knows NOTHING about hockey. People went nuts when he scored. When his name was announced, there were some boos by idiots. But when he got into a little scruff, people went nuts again. I don't think the bad feelings will last long.

3) Can someone PLEASE explain the trapezoid rule for goalies to me? I was under the impression that they could not play the puck outside of that zone. However, I saw goalies wandering outside it all night. Sometimes it was just to stop a puck that was cleared into their zone - OK. A few times they played the puck and passed it up to a defenceman. The first time was on a power play, so I assumed it was legal on the power play. However, the next time was during regular play. I simply don't get it.

4) I need to sell my Avs tickets! I have 2 seats, section 354, row 5, seats 3 & 4 that go for $34 each. I need to sell the Nashville game on 10/12 and the LA game on 10/19. If you want them, email me at


Oh, and CLICK HERE to get into the fantasy hockey league! It's free, and you can win stuff (from me)! HURRY - the season starts on 10/05 - HELLS YEAH!!!!


Bill Purdy said...

I think the trapeziod is there to designate the only area behind the goal line where goalies can play the puck legally. Goalies can play the puck in front of the goal line at any time.

The idea (I think) is to prevent the goalie from controlling dumped pucks behind the goal line -- it forces the defensemen to control those pucks themselves (or the goalie to leave the crease and control it in front of the goal line), and therefore gives the offensive team more of a chance to control a dumped puck in the offensive zone.

Does that help?

Heather said...

I registered! I'm playing!

I suppose Tanguay thinks someone needs to be Forsberg now...why not him?

Pat Angello said...

Bill - that would make sense, but now I find that thing pointless.

Heather - Glad you are in! Hopefullt Tanguay will be more durable than Peter. Seriously, when was the last time Tanguay was called for boarding???

Derek Knight said...

yeah, what Bill said.

I'm so friggin PSYCHED for the upcoming NHL season. Last year, all I could do was drive up to Loveland for one Eagles game, though the facility up there is awesome and the team was quite exciting to watch...

opiatedsherpa said...

Oct. 27th... Canucks & Avs... let the sparks fly!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!