Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Yet Another Pat Angello Blog. Oh, and those AVS!

OK, so I finally got the muster to finish Emily. Part 2 is posted here.

Comments would be great! I feel it was a little rushed, but any suggestions would help.

The Avs.


Losing Foote was excusable UNTIL they lost Forsberg to the Flyers! Yep, (say it with me) Forsberg's a Freakin' FLYER! OMG! This leaves Sakic as the lone member since they moved to CO. And it's not like Forsberg signed a huge deal - 2 x $11.7 is something that would have fit under the Avs' cap. So, what does Pierre have up his sleeve? Is he content with the team? Will he go after a big-name defenceman (this is hockey - had to spell it that way, eh)? Will he try to re-sign Selanne and/or Kariya? Stay tuned as the new hockey CBA dismantles my Avs!


Collin said...

Okay, I left a comment on part one, but I don't have time to move on to part two yet.

Derek Knight said...

The Avs will be fine...I think the only team who's REALLY stacking themselves is the Bruins. I mean, it was unrealistic to think that, after the cap screwed on, the Avs could stay intact. Aebischer is still young and healthy and Lacroix still drafts well...I'm just happy to have hockey to watch on the tv again.

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