Tuesday, August 30, 2005

PAFC Newsletter, 8/30/05

Time for FOOTBALL! The regular season is coming up, and Pat Angello enjoys the football pick ‘ems! I usually engage in Purdy’s with the point spread, and AM 950 the Fan’s without the point spread. This year I created my own group on the Fan (no point spread) and yer all invited! It’s a semi-private group, so here are the instructions on how to join:

All you have to do is log on to the AM 950 the Fan website and look for the 2005 FAN Football Pick'Em link. If you're already signed up to play, then all you need to do is sign on to your page and click the "Join A Group" link. Once there, look for the link to join Pat Angello Fan Club (password = patangello, duh!). Click on that and you'll be in! If you're not registered as a Fan Insider yet that's ok too. It only takes a few seconds and is completely FREE! So then you sign up as a Fan Insider, click the Pick’Em link, and then click “Join A Group” link. Group name = Pat Angello Fan Club, password = patangello.

Unlike the Purdy’s pick ‘em, there is no forum to brag and taunt those beneath you. So, I will post standings each Tuesday on the blog so y’all can comment there - and each post will feature a drawing I did when I was 9-years-old (I had a wild hair to draw every team emblem by hand). You think you want a piece of me? Then BRING IT ON! All PAFC members and bloggers are welcome! Hurry, because the season starts for REAL on Thursday, 9/8/05 with Oakland at New England (let me give you a hint on that one – not Oakland)!

For those of you who came down to the Bug Theatre for Freak Train on Monday, thanks! Hope you had fun, because I certainly did! I got a lot of feedback about the puppet show from last month, so I think I need to bring them back pretty quickly. And kudos to my bro for giving it a go as well! Mark you calendars, as the next one will be 9/26/05. There are a few more places popping up around town that do some similar open stage events, so I’ll research and keep you posted on any future Pat Angello performances.

A male inmate in San Antonio somehow locked himself up with 8 female inmates. I’m pretty sure I saw this movie on Cinemax last Friday.

Could this be a new low in reality TV? A Dutch version of Big Brother features a woman who is 7 months pregnant. She may end up giving birth on the show. And idiots will go nuts to watch it.

There’s no place like home! THE ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz have been stolen from a museum in MN. The fuzz is chasing down every man with a shaved head, earring and tight “I luv Liza” T-shirt.

Them southerners just keep getting’ dumber and dumber! A 45-year-old man thought it would be fun to play a joke on his 13-year-old daughter on her birthday. So he had her hand a bank teller a hold-up note. FUNNY! What does every 13-year-old girl want on her birthday? A security guard pointing a gun at her head!

A theater in Japan is offering discounted tickets for geeks. All you have to do is claim you’re a geek, and you pay less for the film. Can you believe that about 70% of the customers say they are geeks? It helps when they are not on a date.

I blame my father! People in Nebraska are complaining about receiving gibberish phone calls. When I was growing up, my dad would interview any girl that came to see me by asking, “So, have you put the frankles on the ficklestien? For two of them?” Freaked them OUT! It’s either him or telemarketers are using words with 3 syllables.

Remember the farmer in NY that carved a personal ad into his cornfield? He’s gotten 700 replies! I didn’t know that many people flew crop dusters! Beats going to Wal-Mart on singles night!

Just keep him there for crying out loud! A thief in India is serving his 100th sentence! Someone certainly isn’t learning his lesson. And I thought our judicial system was funky!

This is the best soft drink EVER! The Brits love their Tango, and it loves to explode in their hands. Americans would buy it just for the potential lawsuit!

You know, dumb criminals exist outside the US! These New Zealanders siphoned diesel fuel instead of petrol. When their vehicle didn’t start, they examined the situation with a lighter. Um, the car blew up, yeah. Nice! Police had the second best quote of the month, “Fortunately for them, there is no criminal charge for stupidity.”

Since they can’t sue him for the war, a Christian prayer network and an environmental group are tag teaming to sue the president and his administration. They feel he has not done enough to protect the natural habitat of an endangered toad. Yeah, he’s got nothing else on his plate right now.

A pilot in Australia sent airport personnel into panic mode when he accidentally used a code word for hijack. Maybe they should change the code word away from “landing gear.”

Meow! Cops in Berlin were called to investigate a cat burglar that destroyed a home broken into in cat-like fashion. Drapes were ripped down, furniture scratched, fishbowls turned over. Oh wait it WAS a cat. Doi!

I don’t normally comment on catastrophes, but this just made me sick. After seeing the devastation from hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Biloxi, and seeing all the heroes in helicopters saving people left and right, the looters pushed me over the edge. How dare these imbeciles take important resources (police) away with such a stupid, selfish and piss-poor act of vandalism! Police should be rescuing trapped victims, not chasing an idiot stealing a TV when there’s no electricity for a month. It gives me acid reflux, or maybe that was the Spaghetti-o’s. Either way, there’s a nasty taste in the back of my throat!


Collin said...

Glad you had a great time. If you ever find one that's on a weekend we'll try to make it.
No, the new low would be the video surveillance tapes of those inmates in San Antonio. "Damn! You're BIG brother!"
Those slippers would make getting away so easy. Three clicks and you're home.
re. the Southern jokester: They love him in France.
I wonder if the Indian thief got a cake with a file in it to celebrate. Seriously, if I was the warden I would so do that.
I'll bet terrorists are stocking up on Tango as we speak.
Wouldn't that be great if that was the straw that toppled Bush? "I was doing so good until.. the toad. The toaaaaad."
Hmmm. What could that code word be? Damn them and their secrets! Now I want to know. "Billabong"?

Bill Purdy said...

Rrrgghh. I hate when collin beats me to the Comments page. I thought he didn't like to type in the codeword.

ica said...

Ha ha that tango thing is pretty funny, especially considering their advertising.

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