Sunday, August 21, 2005

PAFC Newsletter, 8/21/05

Let’s start with some music stuff!

OK, first of all, I have revamped my all-music blog to allow comments on each post. Also, I’ve added a NEW review of a really cool Australian band called the Grates. If you follow the link on the blog, you can hear their new EP that will finally be released in the US on Tuesday, 8/23/05!

Secondly, speaking of Tuesday, 8/23/05, I’m just a little pumped to see Devo that night! I can’t even tell you the last time Devo came to Colorado, so finally having them here in my state makes me very happy! Oh, and Real Life, Dramarama, the English Beat, Missing Persons, and a Flock of Seagulls will be performing as well. Should be a fun night!

Third, if you want to have a fun night this coming Friday, go check out Burning Abigail at Cricket on the Hill! BA is a great local band that I reviewed on the music blog a few weeks back. I’ll be there, and you can learn more about the band at their website.

Finally, as far as music is concerned, T-Dawg turned me on to the Dead 60’s. I’ll try to put together a review later this week.

The KC Royals finally won a game avoiding the longest losing streak EVER in baseball. How did they handle it? Not very professionally! The team basically had champagne on ice for this illustrious occasion! I can’t even begin to describe how pathetic that is!

A major sports tragedy this weekend here in CO as 49ers’ lineman, Thomas Herrion collapsed after a pre-season game against the Broncos. The kid was just 23 and simply collapsed after the post-game team prayer in the locker room. He was rushed to the hospital, but could not be revived. As the weather was not too hot and the guy walked off the field at the end of the game with no issues, I’m looking forward to the autopsy report to see what happened. God bless his family as this young athlete sounded like he had his priorities in line (he had dreams of getting his masters and teaching less fortunate children). Only the good die young, truly! As you all may know already, this hits way too close to home for many PAFC members.

Sister Mary Michael is protesting the filming of the Da Vinci Code. Um, it is fiction, right? We all know this, yes? My Catholic priest uncle has even read the book. Shouldn’t she be doing something a little more constructive?

Good on ya, Mate! Parliament in Australia actually tried to ban the term “mate” as they find it to be demeaning. Whatever - just don’t call me Dude, Dude. Maybe we should try to do something about rappers using the n-word instead of “ma’am” or “sir” because it’s really not very complimentary.

The Pope is a little forgetful, and he’s sorry. In fact, he’s so sorry, he’s apologized twice for it now. Probably because he forgot that he apologized the first time.

Have you ever wanted to be a character in a book? Now’s your chance as Stephen King and John Grisham (along with 14 other authors) are auctioning off a character name to the highest bidder. All proceeds will actually go to charity! I’d love to be a cool hero in a Grisham book! I’m thinking Collin should scrap up his life savings for a zombie character! I totally want that zombie ribbon!

This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen in a while! Kids at a high school in TN defaced the entire building with poop! Outside, inside, all over the place. When I was in high school, nobody had that amount of disrespect for the school to do anything like this. Sure there were some pranks, but nothing this disrespectful. I’m really failing to see how any kid thought this would be funny!

My brother has found some gems at garage sales, but this tops anything he’s seen. A man in British Columbia found, literally, an expired cure for small pox in a vile. WTF?

Connie Hertz just turned 85 and has literally lived her life to the fullest. She’s ridden in helicopters and balloons, and even went 90-mph on the back of a hog. For this birthday, she went for a joy ride as the copilot of a B-17 bomber. “Just another item I needed to scratch off the list of things I wanted to accomplish before I turn 90,” she said.

When tree-huggers lose it! A woman in CA allegedly grabbed a chain saw and chased Public Service tree-trimmers. She had already been notified that some of her trees needed to be trimmed to avoid power lines, but something snapped apparently. Geez, in our old house we had to beg Public Service to trim our trees and they STILL never did!

Ah, another dumb druggie/criminal! This dude broke into a woman’s house and crashed in her bed. When she tried to, you know, wake him up and get him out of there, he told her to leave him alone and somehow swiped another $20 from her. Police found coke and crack on the guy, and busted him for possession with intent to deliver crack cocaine, drug possession, distribution of a counterfeit drug, receiving stolen property and robbery.

This confuses me! A man is claiming that doctors misdiagnosed him as a transsexual. Huh? The guy started as a guy, was surgically changed to a girl, and then went BACK to being a guy! He/she/he/whatever is now suing the original doctors that told him to have the first surgery to go from guy to girl. Because, you know, when you’re this messed up in the head it HAS to be someone else’s fault!

A broken heart really makes people do messed up stuff! A man in Thailand, jealous that a woman was with another man, phoned in a bomb threat pointing at her lover. OK, I’ve done some stupid things to get a girls attention before, but I’m thinking this would be somewhat unforgivable. Did he really think she’s come running to him after this?

Talk about a needle in a haystack! A fisherman in Boston found his lost wallet – from 39 years ago! He hauled in a net of fish and saw the leather wallet with the credit cards and $300 in travelers checks still inside. Quick, buy a lottery ticket!

Not exactly walkie-talkies, but whatever works! Inmates in PA used the empty toilets in their cells to yell back and forth to each other about killing witnesses. How discreet!

Did you know cats are the devil’s creatures? How else would you explain this cat in NV? The thing climbed a power pole, got jolted, fell 40 feet, and started a fire. And the evil little feline walked away. My mother is very disappointed!

Alright, we’re off to see the 40-Year-Old Virgin! Review later this week!

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