Thursday, August 18, 2005

PAFC Newsletter, 8/18/05

Greg the Bunny is BACK! WOOHOO! God bless the IFC for reviving this great show, albeit in a slimmer format. IFC is premiering an hour of goofy fun shows on Friday, 8/19 at 10 PM MST – so go home and set your VCR or TiVo before you head out this weekend! The hour includes a new cartoon called Hopeless Pictures, NEW episodes of Greg the Bunny, and a fake documentary called The Festival.

Hopeless Pictures is a 20-minute cartoon about a dysfunctional Hollywood movie studio. Mel Wax (Michael McKean) is the head of the studio named after his dead parents, Hope and Les (hey – we go to church with a couple named Hope and Les!). Wax battles the everyday struggles of running a movie studio (drug addicted directors, spoiled stars) and an evil (almost) ex-wife (Lisa Kudrow) thanks to the help (sort of) of his therapist (Jonathan Katz – Oh, how I miss Dr. Katz!). Click for a clip!

Greg the Bunny was another brilliant sit-com cancelled WAY too early by FOX. Rent it on DVD – TRUST ME! Although the cast has slimmed down, G the B returns with some familiar puppet pals (Warren “The Ape” DeMontague, Frederick “Count” Blah) and the underrated Seth Green. Not sure how the 10-minute slot will do the show justice, but I’m still very excited that their brilliant wit will be returning uncensored! Click for a clip!

The Festival is a mockumentary about a documentarian trying to sell his film via the Mountain United Film Festival. It looks like it does a great job of bringing the feel of Best in Show, Spinal Tap and a Mighty Wind to the small screen. Click for a clip!

While I’m praising small TV networks, a big ol’ HELLS YEAH to OLN for picking up the NHL contract! Sweet! Do I get OLN? Geez, I hope so! To hell with ESPN for televising bowling and the Little League World Series and not wanting to waste their time with hockey. Who cares about them? Hockey is back, and the OLN has the stones to air it – in HDTV no less! Dammit, now I need an HDTV! Forget about Bertuzzi, I’ve found something to get me excited about hockey again!

No Puff, Puff Daddy, Puffy or P. Diddy. It’s just Diddy now. Dude, your name is Sean! You’re mamma named you Sean, I’m stickin’ with Sean! And why the sudden name change? Are we losing a little popularity? Maybe you should change it to 51-cent!

Shut your MOUTH! Ugh, fantasy footballers are freaking out because Randy Moss just became a marked man. Not on the field, but the dumbass just admitted to using marijuana! The NFL is going to be all over this guy now. Stupid, stupid, STUPID!

They suck royally! Sorry, I couldn’t pass up on a bad KC Royals ineptitude joke. But when you are aiming for a record for most straight losses EVER, you deserve a little ribbing!

Dumb Criminal of the Week #1: A few men in Indiana attempted to steal gas from a construction site, but they filled their tank with diesel fuel. They didn’t get very far.

Dumb Criminal of the Week #2: A man in AR tried to steal a car by busting the window, but he cut himself so badly that he asked the owner of the car for help.

OK, I’m not sure I believe this one! A stinky coffee pot forced a plane to make an emergency landing? Someone open a window – oh. Maybe they should have taken into consideration Larry in 12D for the odor. When there’s no dog around, blame the coffee pot.

Run, Forrest, RUN! A man in Pittsburgh has decided to do a Forrest Gump run across America. For charity? Of course not! Not in this society! It’s all about ME today, so dude is doing it just for attention. If he was smart, he’d have people donate for every mile he goes and then he could give that money to cancer research or something. I wonder if he’ll unknowingly create any new catch phrases along the way? Like, maybe he can trip over road kill and I can get rich selling t-shirts and stickers that say, “Road Kill – it’s a TRIP!”

What is wrong with people? A woman in WV tried to pay two young boys for mowing her lawn, but she used a counterfeit $50. When the boys grew suspicious, she basically kidnapped them and wouldn’t let them leave her house. FREAK! The boys got suspicious of the bill because it was blue and had a cartoon choo-choo in the corner.

Don’t complain to the big cable company! A woman in Chicago tried, but she got the runaround on the phone. Later that month, her billed showed up addressed to “Bitch Dog.” There are more victims, but with names I cannot mention here. C’mon, it’s fun when one bad person destroys a company!

A farmer in NY has written a personal ad in his cornfield. I’m thinking the only person that will see it is a crop duster, so I’m sure “Alice” is quite the catch!

A fisherman in Germany died after chasing the fish that took his pole. He jumped in the water and swam to his fishing pole, but then he just kinda died. And he didn’t even get to tell a “one that got away” story! But the fish is swimming around going, “Dude, I totally killed a guy today!”

Sometimes we’re not quite ready for technology! An electronic diaper set off a bomb scare in Berlin. How lazy are we that we need an electronic diaper to tell us when the kid is wet? That’s like paying $120 for a universal remote!


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Beginning today, this very moment, you may begin calling me by my preferred moniker: B Piddy!

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Bill Purdy said...

$120 Universal remotes rock, dude.

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