Sunday, August 14, 2005

PAFC Newsletter, 8/14/05


The Pat Angello Fan Club is growing, with 107 people on the email list! WOO! And that doesn’t even count the people who visit the blog on a regular basis. If you are one of those people, and you want to know when I update, just send me an email and I’ll add you to the list! My goal? To eclipse the Fred Savage Fan Club. That would mean about 6 more members.


I was going to start with Terrell Owens, but I’m thinking it deserves an entire column. Look for an open letter to Terrell later this week. BTW, I am really glad that Rush Limbaugh feels he needs to be involved, since he and McNabb are on such good terms. Oh, and I’m disgusted that local sports columnist Mark Kisla thinks Owens’ actions are GOOD for football. See? There’s way too much to cover here!!!

Way to go Bradlee! B-Rad had a decent game for the Broncos on Saturday. I loved the 3rd and 6 call where he ran a QB draw from under center for 40 yards. He put an open-field move on a safety who couldn’t have tackled him if they were playing 1-hand touch! The guy caught nothing but BVP’s wind! Even though he made a few bad passes (though no INT’s) in the red zone, it’s nice to know that there will be someone exciting to watch in case Jake gets hurt. The defense looked OK all around, but exceptional on the goal line stand. Derrent Williams, the rookie CB and kick returner, looks like he will be a blast to watch this year. The over/under on him seeing the end zone on a kick or punt return this year? I’d have to say 3.

Bad dog, er, man! A 20-year-old man in Louisiana is being charged for battery for allegedly biting a mail carrier. The man ran out of his house, barking like a dog, and bit the mailman on the shoulder. And we wonder how mail carriers go off the deep end!

In case you currently feel good about humanity, this should change your mind. Someone broke into a Texas church and stole computers and the church’s petty cash. The kicker, however, is that they also broke into the kindergarten kids’ piggy banks and took that money as well. First, what kind of disgusting person steals from a church? Secondly, how much money could really be in these piggy banks? Is it worth it to destroy the mind of a 5-year-old for $3.17? Some people can’t go to hell fast enough!

Are radio stations this stupid, or desperate, to try to gain listeners? A station in FL thought it would be funny to have 3 guys dress like prison inmates, shackles and all, and stick them on a busy street trying to hitch a ride. Obviously they scared the crap out of people and the police showed up quickly. This is like a bad Kids in the Hall sketch.

Don’t run, dammit! Some idiot criminal took off from police when they tried to arrest him for domestic violence, so they shot him in the shoulder as he sped away. They chased him down, but he AGAIN didn’t listen so they got him again in the same shoulder! What do you tell a stupid criminal with two bullets in his shoulder? Nothing he hasn’t heard twice already.

Doesn’t the USOC have better things to worry about? The Ferret Olympics must change their name after being pushed around by the USOC. Eliminating popular events like softball and baseball isn’t enough, now they have to go after the poor ferrets. How bad is the drug problem in international competition again? How crooked are the judges for Olympic events? Ah, forget that stuff! The real problem is a 10-year-old festival that dares use the name “Olympics” in its title. Heck, you think the ferrets would be embarrassed to be associated with that organization!

Each week it’s the same thing. I start reading Entertainment Weekly and I come across an ad for a new reality TV show that makes me ashamed to be an American. The latest: Battle of the Reality TV Network Stars. Having the midget from the Amazing Race on your tug-o-war team does not sound like an asset.

Too vulgar even for the Brits? The Jerry Springer opera airing it England is too vulgar, according to the record number of complaints after it aired. Um, what did they expect? Uh, why on earth is there a Jerry Springer opera? Just to give you an idea of how pathetic this “opera” is, there are songs called, “Honey I’m a Call Girl” and “Bring on the Bisexuals” plus a tap dance routine by KKK members. Fun for the whole trailer park!

On that note, I’m off to see the Aristocrats! A review will be coming this week.

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Collin said...

We picked up "Wonderfalls" last night. We were only able to watch the first episode before Heather went to work but it was fantastic! Thank you for recommending it.
The postal worker should have maced him.
Man that sucks. I guess I'm old. My immediate thought is "those no-good teenagers".
Apparently they are that stupid and desperate.
"Nothing he hasn't heard twice already." Hahahahahahahah! Oh man, that made me smile big. I'm still smiling. Thanks.
How the hell have they managed to appropriate the word "Olympics" to describe a group of sporting events? You would think the Greeks would have dibs.
I honestly can't recall the last reality TV show that I watched. And that includes things like American Idol.
Does a fat lady sing? I'm betting so.
I don't think we are going to get "The Aristocrats" down here. We did get "Duece Bigalow: European Gigolo" though. Yay us.

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