Monday, August 08, 2005

NOW I'm Pissed at the NHL!

Todd Bertuzzi has been reinstated into the NHL with no further penalty.

Sorry, Bertuzzi, but you deserve to play hockey again about as much as Michael Jackson deserves foster children. As much as OJ Simpson deserves to be a spokesman for a cutlery company. As much as Paris Hilton deserves to be, well, Paris Hilton.

The cheapest shot in sports history, with the second worst outcome (Darryl Stingly’s hit was legal unfortunately), essentially has become a whopping 13-game suspension. I don’t buy this crap that it was “total suspension of approximately 17 months” according to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. Every player has been suspended for the last 16 months, and Bertuzzi deserves a harsher sentence.

How is Steve Moore doing anyway? Is he skating? Is he able to play hockey? Will he ever be able to play again? Does this weak-ass punishment for Bertuzzi equal justice served?

Son of a bitch, this might as well be major league baseball! Steroid use only means 10 days in baseball; practically killing a guy only means a month in hockey.

I’m sickened, and hockey is giving me another bad taste. Bettman deprived the fans of a full season, and seemed to be on the right path with Bertuzzi. However, today’s announcement makes me feel like this horrendous act never really happened. It makes me feel like players can do anything they want on the ice, and the NHL won’t really do much about it.

The rumor was Bertuzzi would serve another 20 games this year, which ALMOST seemed fair to me. Now that he’s off the hook, I’ve lost faith in the system. Suspending him until Moore can play again is unreasonable, but not by much.

I was excited about the return of hockey, and I had the new NHL shield as wallpaper on my computer. But now, I’m just nauseous! I’ve changed my wallpaper, and I’ve suddenly lost interest in all the free-agent signings and announcements.

Bettman wooed me back a few weeks ago. I was on cloud nine, defending the sport to anyone that complained about the NHL’s year off and the loss of the likes of Forsberg and Foote because of the new hard salary cap. But with just 6 weeks before the preseason games begin, I wonder if I will be excited about hockey ever again.


opiatedsherpa said...

Woo hoo!! Welcome back, Bert! The one man that'll bring hockey to the forefront on opening day... first for controversy... then for dominating play.

Bettman can still go though...

Bill Purdy said...

Hockey fans can be such idiots. Makes me sad to count myself among them.

Or maybe I just mean CANADIAN hockey fans. That gets me off the hook.


Pat Angello said...

There are some sick people in the world. Anyone that can celebrate this is a sick bastard.

Anonymous said...

Todd Bertuzzi can kiss my big fat white ass!! I hope he is cursed with
a pathetic and short lived career and ends up selling cars!!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. What a crock of SHE-ITE!!!!

I'm in shock and I as well am disgusted with Bettman! What in the hell was he thinking?


Collin said...

Bettman might have forgiven him but we'll see what happens when Bertuzzi hits the ice again. Paybacks can be a bitch. Look how long the Red Wings were after Claude Lemuix for his hit on Draper. Revenge isn't a good substitute for a just punishment, but the other players won't forget.

opiatedsherpa said...

Rock on Canucks! Bertuzzi will be booed everywhere he goes... there's no doubt... but they'll be booing more when he and Nazzy pops 4 goals a game in the opposition net between them.

Canucks for the Cup '06!

Sus said...

You've got to be kidding me??! They've got to be kidding. *rolling eyes* No wonder I'm not a sports fan in general. Just so sick of these guys getting away with crap that "civilians" wouldn't get away with.

Anyway, I saw your posting of the article on the strip club in LA: "A strip club owner in LA is changing his marquee. I guess the words “Live Nude, Nude, Nudes” weren’t doing it, so he is now using “Vaginas R Us!” and remembered a sign I photographed a few years back and I'm wondering if it wasn't the same sign as I've been out to LA about 3x's in the past 2 years. But the funny thing is the sign read, "Live Nude, Nuds Nuds!" *LOL*

Say Howdy to Katy for me!

Pat Angello said...


WOW! Good to hear from you! How is NM?

I'd apologize for the Canadian, but he's actually a good guy. Differing opinions shouldn't completely destroy relations. Plus, his blog is cool.

I will link to yours as well.


Anonymous said...

Right on Pat! I wish there were a better way of making our disgust effectual against the insanity this commissioner. I know everyone says "just don't go to the games". But hey, how will they be able to determine that the lack of fans is due to Bertuzzi or simple retaliation for stupid selfishness on the parts of both the owners and players?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!