Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Beauty & the Geek, WB Wednesdays

What the hell is wrong with me? Of all reality TV shows to make fun of, I actually watched THIS??? Someone shoot me – NOW! Because I kinda liked it…

Ashton Kutcher is behind the madness that is Beauty & the Geek. Yeah, THAT Ashton Kutcher! The same one that is dating his mother and thinks Punk’d is entertaining! Fortunately, he doesn’t host – he’s just the executive producer. Anyone who knows me has to know how much I despise reality TV! I hate the entire genre: the way it’s shot, the horrendously “dramatic” music, and the purposely long pauses by the hosts. Let me tell you why I got stuck watching this one.

The show pairs somewhat attractive dingbats with somewhat goofy-looking brainiacs. It is labeled a “social experiment” aimed at having the geeks make the women smarter, and the hotties make the men socially confident. But the women aren’t all that cute (maybe one or two) and the guys aren’t that geeky (sans one).

After the guests arrived at the house, the geeks were sent into one room and the beauties into another. One at a time, they played Red Rover and sent one from each team into the other room to introduce themselves. The group would discuss and decide who went with the person that just came in. After all contestants were paired, they had to select the room they would share – some had just one bed as others had two beds. It was just a little uncomfortable for most!

The really nerdy guy, Richard (has never kissed a girl), is very entertaining and funny – actually has a great sense of humor and can make fun of himself. He’s hardly a wallflower! He’s paired with Mindi (sorority girl), who is far and away the cutest girl on the show. They won the first TWO challenges, a 5th grade quiz for the girls and a dance competition for the guys. The winner of each competition was asked to pick a couple to send to the elimination room. So, because they won both competitions, they selected both couples. They selected Joe (has never been on a date) and Erika (life sized Barbie model), and Eric (computer programmer) and Cheryl (cocktail waitress).

The elimination room preyed on the contestants’ weaknesses. The women had 6 questions, 3 each that were based on politics. The men were asked questions about pop music. My wife and I actually discussed who we wanted to go, and who we wanted to stay! Since Erika ditched her partner Joe the first night to get it on with Brad (Mensa member), I thought they should stay for entertainment purposes. Eric and Cheryl were kinda boring, so I’m glad they got sent home. However, Cheryl had the best lines of the show: when asked when D-Day was, Eric helped her and said “1942” to which she argued, “no – 1942 was when Columbus sailed the ocean blue!” Wait, it gets better! When asked which president was in office during the Civil War, she guessed Hoover. She was told it was Lincoln and replied, “Oh yeah – D-Day!”

I can’t believe I’m writing this article!

Other beauties are Caitilin (Aspiring Fashion Expert – from Greely CO!), Krystal (not-so-cute NBA dancer), Lauren (Lingerie Model), and Scarlet (Beer Spokesmodel). The geeks are Bill (VP of the Dukes of Hazard Fan Club – shuddap!), Chuck (Medical Student who gets nose bleeds - classic nerd trait!), and Shawn (Asst. Boy Scout Master).

I swear I may watch it again! Not just because the girls are incredibly stupid and the guys extremely awkward, but because they know it and you can actually feel a little sorry for them! BTW, the winning couple splits $250K - which Bill swears he'll spend on a replica General Lee!

Don’t worry – I have a psych appointment on Monday!

Dare I say 3.5 out of 5!


Heather said...

I can't believe you watched that! How funny. I hate reality shows, too, but a couple years ago found myself drawn into the 2nd season of American Idol. I haven't watched it since.

Collin said...

Okay, I admit it sounds like it would have funny moments. But reality TV? Don't go to the Dark Side Annie!

Anonymous said...

This is so funny. First thing I see in my email this morning! I too was thinking the same thing last night. Did I really just watch that? I hate the WB! What the hell? But found it strangly entertaining. I will probably end up watching it again as well! And for those that missed it, it's premeiring again tonight! -Kim B.

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