Monday, February 14, 2005

Point Pleasant – FOX, Thursdays

Need something fun to watch when CSI is a rerun? Well here it is! Call it the OC meets the Omen (it is New Jersey after all), or Beelzebub of Arcadia. Whatever! This is what happens in a small ocean town when the daughter to the devil shows up. Bwa-ha-ha!

Meet Christina (Elisabeth Harnois), a twenty-something gen Y-er that washed up in Point Pleasant and was saved by a lifeguard. She is taken in by the Kramer family, and starts on a journey to find out about her Point Pleasant native mother that she never knew.

Suddenly, weird things start happening in this sleepy little town. The townsfolk no longer repress their deepest and darkest thoughts. Dogs and cats are living together! Weird stuff is happening, man – WEIRD STUFF!

Why is this happening? As Christina learns more about her mother, she also realizes that her dad ain’t really her dad. She could be the offspring of Lucifer! OK, so I’ll just say she is. But darn it if she wants to be! She’s really just a nice, innocent girl who can, when she gets a little upset, make people do things for her. Dogs are floating, people are chasing others around with axes, you know – repressed feelings are starting to show! But Christina suddenly has second thoughts about her evil ways and fights to be good. She stops the bad things right before they happen because she feels guilty. Will she ever just cave and let the devil consume her? Probably, but for now it’s interesting to watch her fight it off.

I like it – a lot! Sure it’s similar to Joan of Arcadia, but the devil is more intriguing than God sometimes. The show is dark and creepy and fun to watch – give it a go!

4 out of 5!

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