Saturday, January 01, 2005

Top 11 Great Things of 2004

11) Mexico – Yeah, so the trip was kind of a disaster overall, but it was the first time I got out of the country to go on vacation. If you want the full run down on how Cancun could suck, ask me and I’ll forward the story.
10) My grandmother turned 90 – We went to PA for her birthday and it was great. She’s pretty feisty for her age and kept us in stitches the whole time!
9) New York – we used the trip to PA as an excuse to go to NY for the first time, at least my first time. It was spectacular and I had an absolute ball!
8) TV – I’m really enjoying the decline of reality TV and the incline of well-scripted shows! Thank goodness shows like Desperate Housewives, Arrested Development, Lost, House and Medical Investigation are thriving. Too bad we lost Wonder Falls, but you can’t win ‘em all!
7) X-Box – Mr. Turdy has reintroduced me to the pure joy of playing video games. There’s something amazing about throwing a bomb for a touchdown and being able to taunt the opponent that’s 2000 miles away. Hooray for technology!
6) Devo in Chicago – I did a lot of traveling this year! Seeing my all-time favorite band for the first time with the Bill’s was a dream come true. And brats and kraut was just the icing on the cake! What the hell did Cross order from the Vietnamese place again?
5) Parents – My dad turned 70 this year, even though he had to spend it in the hospital. With congestive heart failure somewhat behind him, we look forward to him being around for a while longer. God bless him and my mother, who after a tough holiday season last year with a bad knee, has seemed to have a relatively healthy year aside from some arthritis. Be jealous because I have fantastic parents!
4) Danny – I had a breakthrough with my soon-to-be 16-year-old nephew. After years of uncomfortably trying to appreciate his strategic war games on PC, he has found music and loves it all. From the Who to the Hives, the kid has taste and we’ve connected! It was awesome to take him to see Primus and the Hives in concert this summer, and we talk music all the time. The kid even made me a CD for my birthday!
3) Babies – In addition to Logan Purdy, there have been babies everywhere this year! Two of my wife’s best friends had children this year, as well as two of my co-workers. Plus, I have 3 more friends that are due next year. YAY for all of you and we can only hope and pray that we can join you in due time!
2) My Wife – I love her and respect her now more than ever. And it’s not just because her new job that she got in January has killer benefits! She’s the best and I wouldn’t trade he for the world.
1) My New Job – The only thing that could top my love for my wife this year is the fact that I am no longer selling cars. I’m back into marketing with a good company, albeit on a contract basis. Who knows, it could lead to something, or I could be selling cars again in 2005. However, for now, I’ll enjoy it.

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